Photography - my way to take note of my visual thoughts   

Nothing is created from nothing. Creation is only possible from something. Based on my experience, my artwork takes two parts in general. Its first part is "the source" in order to receive the information, inspiration, awakened emotions and feelings, desire to output or process to express. This part of my studio work is never limited by time and space. It is only limited by the hours of my lifetime. The second part is the physical production of my artwork. Photography has been the way to stay conscious, to record what I see at transient moments, and to make note of my visual thoughts.

Pink magnolia in the afternoon light in spring 2021. I see "time" from nature. The events in nature tells me time that runs the universe. 

Morning light coming through my studio window from the west

Study of various lines on this succulent 

During COVID19 pandemic in early 2021, elegant gestures found during the walk at Lower Arroyo Park, Pasadena.

My kitchen door and the light coming in from the patio. Often I read time not on the clock, but by the intensity and color of daylight.

California summer light near sunset at Hungtington Beach, California, USA. This light is more than enough for me to call California, a Golden state even without the past history of gold rush. 

"Dutch Light." Morning light in Amsterdam during my way to Rembrandt Museum.

"Dutch Light." Sunset in Amsterdam. I made this trip to see "Dutch Light" as well as their newly reopened Rijksmuseum and artworks especially by Van Gogh and Vermeer. 

Around 6 pm on July 23, 2016. 
As I was leaving my studio, I saw this unusual yet beautiful pink yellow sky in La Crescenta this afternoon caused by Santa Clarita brush fire and the box with this elegant spiderweb covered with ash. 

Skid marks in the parking lot. Beautiful drawings.

Textures and colors of moss and rock at Griffith Park, Los Angeles

Trees are shedding and revealing their history beneath the bark. There is never the same story in trees' life.

My garden is an extension of my studio where much of  "seeing" and learning happen. 

Nature after rain. The color got deepened in saturation. Like watercolor painting looks richer while being wet, the world gets richer in color during raining. 

Often it is called random. But, I always see the preconceived plan and execution in nature. From the sky, this can be witnessed how the countless plants in a forest have formed the perfect order and balance in order to sustain life, to receive the sunlight, the energy for life, and the food. There is no accident, but the conscious mind.

The flowing cast shadow. The color harmony. Music to my eyes. 

Texture and gestures of trees. The contrast between value, texture, and color creates a powerful drama. Historical amount of rain has transformed the world. 

Light, sky, rain, and  reflected landscape on the water, green of moss. I was with the Master in her/his class of creation. 

The way water moves and transforms. During the 9th week of COVID-19 lockdown in Los Angeles.

This movement of silk threads revealed the direction of air circulation.

The late afternoon walk during the 2nd "stay-at-home" order in Los Angeles in 2021.

The movement revealed by the mud on the pedestrian walkway.

 © 2020 by Helena J. Min