Artworks 2020

As far as I can remember, even as a child, I was drawn to the wonders of this universe. As I get older, there are more stored memories and information in my mind. It has become more difficult to see "as is" without my conscious effort to see. 


The nature of my work is focused on seeing as they are, free from conditions of religion, culture, stored information, memory, knowledge and etc. When the world is experienced through such conditions, much of the experience of NOW is often altered and lost. Seeing without any preconditions makes possible to see "as is" in the ever-present now. 


My artwork is the visual manifestation of our universe in the ever-present now - who I am, who you are, who the other living beings are, how we exist with all other living and nonliving beings together forming ONE universe.  My work is the reflection of the way I see that the universe sustains itself in interconnectedness, the ground of all being. 


Over the years, I’ve come to erase the boundary between “I” and the rest. Air I inhale is from outside of my body. I breathe in the air that came out of others. 60% of water consisting of my body is from outside of my body. My cells are regenerated daily with the consumption of other animals, plants, grains, and minerals. Plants need sunlight to transform the light into stored energy. How and where do I draw the boundary of my body and the rest?  In my mixed media work, I explore this relationship and equilibrium of this sacred interconnectedness.

At the beginning of the 21st century, in our time of climate crisis facing the collapse of life on earth, and the current COVID- 19 crisis, all human endeavors and creativity are to be devoted to restoring this sacred interconnectedness that sustains life. Living in the US, the 2nd home over 30 years, the racial tension and inequality matter have reignited the national and international consciousness by the unnecessary death of "G. Floyd." I, as an individual and artist, have been witnessing the world of the manifested broken interconnectedness and sacred balance. 

20-05 Healing 2_Interconnectedness 

Light+shadow, gouache, pen, and collage on paper and Nobang(Korean transparent-colored silk)



20-03 Life_Self-organizing

Light+shadow, gouache,  and nobang(Korean transparent-colored silk)  on paper mounted over the wooden panel

21 x 23" (changeable size for variable composition with the layer of nobang)


20-04 Healing 1_Interconnectedness(G. Floyd)

Light+shadow, gouache,  and collage on layers of nobang(Korean transparent-colored silk)  and paper

16 x 14"


20-02 Life_Self-organizing

Light+shadow, gouache,  and collage on layers of nobang(Korean transparent-colored silk)  and cotton fabric

14 x 16"


20-01 Form is emptiness and emptiness is form

Mixed media on paper and nobang (Korean transparent-colored silk) 

24.5 x 20.5"


 © 2020 by Helena J. Min