Inside my studio

To understand the artwork, it has been helpful, in my case, to see the artists' studio. This page is to share some nature of my work process. What I call "Inside my studio" is never confined by walls. My garden just outside of my physical studio structure, daily walks, during travel, while cutting fruits, wherever my daily observation happens,  and when I am conscious of the observer/myself and the observed/the surrounding, I am inside the studio, "at work."  The page, "Photography_Visual note" is about the conscious moments of the observer/myself and the observed/the surrounding.

Intelligence is the product of accumulated perception through sensitivity.

Playing with the light passing by over my worktable

Accumulated daily "seeing" and my visual response. Beyond color, form, shape, value, etc, "s seeing" includes 1. textures such as wet, dry, oily, smooth, rough, sticky, temperature, and 2. movements such as growing trees, blossoming flowers, passing light, drying moisture, etc

I love playing with light; the interplay between the light and various materials and their behavior; how light changes the appearance of color, form, and even the mood; how light changes in direction, intensity, and color. 

The cycle of my work process. Input-Daily work of "seeing." Output-my visual response/my work. This cycle from input to output takes a few years to sometimes over 15 years.

Physical light is an important medium in my work. Nobang, Korean traditional colored transparent silk, allows the light to be kept between the multiple layers of work surface increasing the saturation of all colors and to experience the work in flux. 

Nobang. Korean silk used for summer garment in general. It is colored and transparent. 

All around me influence me. All items in the studio are perceived as compositional elements. 

This autumn leaf picked up and the work of Monet on this page has been together over a year as their colors and the contrast of texture offered me immeasurable joy. 

The dying flower reveals its life-supporting veins. As it loses water and gets drier, the flower makes a more aggressive gesture. When light penetrates its petals, they look even more beautiful as the stained glass at the cathedral.  

Before leaving for my artist residency in Assisi, Italy, I read about their "pink" limestone. I found them everywhere during my walk. I put them on a fig leaf to bring out redness against the green, its complementary color. I used these pink colors for the background of one of two drawings created during this residency.  This piece was made as a flower offering to Santa Chiara(Saint Clara) in Assisi. The overall color scheme reflects the ceiling fresco painting at Basilica Santa Chiara. 

Lights and shadows inside my studio. I spend much time just watching them; how they move, how their color change and their intensity

I enjoy working with the southern light which brings out the saturation of color that I look for. Unlike many artists who enjoy the northern light for its steady quality, I work with the color in flux as I see color is never absolute.  

Some notes and images on my studio wall

IIn January 2014, I started the project that was named “GREEN" at the beginning. Multiple panels have been executed based on the study of colors of California succulents and cactus. Each panel was devoted to the colors of one succulent. The colors of each succulent were decomposed and recomposed with the mixture of gouache, Korean transparent-colored-silk "nobang", and physical light

Notes on the studio wall

1.5 months of Coronavirus lockdown. Spring heatwave in Los Angeles. As always, my eyes find the images and conditions that resemble my inner condition.

Examples of hues of green collected from my garden and used for teaching in class about color theory

Colors/light are the main elements daily that aligns my consciousness with everpresent now.  "Being a good listener without judging" is how I often describe this experience. 

Monochrome. Value. Complimentary color harmony.

After days of walking by these eucalyptus barks, I picked them up and brought them into my studio. I studied, enjoyed observing their colors, textures, and their turning twisting gestures. Then, I  developed a drawing project for my class as shown in the photo on right.

A short color(red+white+more) journey today with my camera. All triggered from the colors and taste of my blackberry, blueberry, banana yogurt I made for lunch/snack today.

My visual vocabs inside the studio

Some objects and images of my interest inside my studio

Amaryllis returns year after year. Watching its color, blooming process, form revealed by changing light and gesture makes the boundary disappear between the observer and the observed.

Domestic landscape. Some of the elements of my art medium and techniques- staining, needlework, fabric, photography, physical light for color, and structure.

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